Product Analytics

with an edge

Event Analytics for Product, Marketing, and Data teams that makes it fast to get answers, make decisions, and see impact on users and revenue


Mixpanel’s vision is universal access to insightful answers. Our event-based data model, capturing interactions, provides a dynamic perspective on product, company, and behavioural insights for informed decision-making.

All the answers, at your fingertips



Visualize trends and data points quickly


Find common user paths


See who converts, and why


Learn what drives stickiness


Analyse if an A/B test causes positive change


Understand how new features impact metrics


Segment users for highly targeted analyses


Quantify the correlation between events

A foundation for deep data insights


Save time

Easily build sophisticated reports in seconds instead of hours or days in SQL. 


Instantly pull up the insights you need to plan your roadmap or strategy with confidence.

Measure impact

Test your assumptions — and learn if your launches, campaigns, or experiments deliver results.

Trust your data

Create a source of truth and keep data clean and usable with a warehouse connector, data dictionary, and governance settings.

Connect all data

Leverage existing and additional business data sources to answer any specific behavioral question.

Unblock your team

Intuitive UI to ask questions and get answers effortlessly. Perform complex behavioral analysis without SQL, R, or Python.

Know your customer

Drill into data and surface hidden trends with funnels, advanced segmentation, and retention analysis.

Get aligned

Share insights with the team via Slack, alerts, annotations, or Boards to make decisions on where to focus resources and time.

Business Impact


ROI, increased revenue by improving customer LTV


Productivity Savings withs self-service capabilities (faster funnel, retention, segmentation analysis)


A minimum cost of alternative approach: creating and maintaining an in-house analytics solution

On average, Mixpanel customers experience

Increase the efficiency of your Customer Data


Improvement in conversion rates


Improvement in user engagement


Improvement in retention

Unblock truth for everyone

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