Solutions Through Data

In a world where many businesses grapple with a low level of data maturity and sporadic tool implementations, HEMOdata stands as a beacon. We can help you unlock potential, elevate business strategies, embrace expert insights, and chart a course to transformative growth.

About HEMOdata
Your Data Ally

We are HEMOdata – your strategic partner in converting data into actionable insights. As a leading consultancy in the GCC, we specialise in understanding customer interactions with digital products, formulating data strategy, and ensuring technology aligns for holistic data solutions.

Our commitment


To empower our customers by enhancing their data value through robust data management and integrated solutions – ensuring every brand we work with leverages data to its full potential.


We aspire to be the region’s go-to in data matters – partnering with brands of all sizes across UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the wider GCC region.

Our aim: to be an integral part of the data-driven success stories of the region’s most prestigious brands.


Sustainable Growth: we prioritise long-term success. Employee Empowerment and Inclusivity: we value the synergy of a diverse, passionate team. Flexibility: we adapt and evolve with the ever-changing data landscape. Data Literacy: we equip our clients with tools and knowledge for lasting success.

Our Journey: The Genesis of HEMOdata

It all began in the summer of 2022, when Luke Cann (CEO) and Dustyn Smith (CRO) recognised a significant void in the GCC data landscape. By October, HEMOdata was launched. Initially intending to introduce Mixpanel to the Middle East, Luke and Dustyn’s vision quickly broadened – positioning HEMOdata as a holistic data solutions hub. Combining Luke’s technical prowess and Dustyn’s sales and marketing acumen, they not only expanded their team but also secured pivotal technical partnerships.

As HEMOdata marked its first anniversary, a new opportunity emerged: joining the foundational council for DAMA, the Global Data Management Organisation. This journey – a blend of ambition and innovation – underscores HEMOdata’s dedication to data evolution.

What We Do:
Data-Drive Excellence

Navigating the intricate landscape of data can be daunting. At HEMOdata, we tailor solutions to align with your business goals. Our core services encompass an array of offerings:

  • Robust customer data strategies
  • Stringent data governance
  • Expertise across analytics, customer engagement, and A/B testing.

Our expertise in the region – especially in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and the wider GCC region, ensures that you’re not only prepared for the current market demands but are future-ready in this ever-evolving digital era.

Our Path to Resilience and Growth

In the early days of HEMOdata, the challenges of breaking into a new market were formidable. With only Luke and Dustyn at the helm, we faced the daunting task of carving a niche for ourselves in a competitive landscape. Recognising the need for agility and expertise, we expanded our team – adding experts who brought diverse skills and insights that could help us fortify our offerings.

Our alliance with Mixpanel and other industry front-runners was a game-changer, allowing us to build an ecosystem of best-of-breed technology partnerships across product and marketing analytics, customer engagement, and data strategy. We have turned obstacles into opportunities for growth and innovation – stepping towards excellence.

Transforming Data into Actionable Insights

Our approach is comprehensive:


Understand your business objectives – catering to both data novices and experts.



Cohesive and unified data tools under one effective strategy.



Drawing from our expansive tech partnerships, we recommend tools tailored for you: from product analytics to A-B testing.



Understand your business objectives – catering to both data novices and experts.



Cohesive and unified data tools under one effective strategy.



Drawing from our expansive tech partnerships, we recommend tools tailored for you: from product analytics to A-B testing.

Meet the Founders

The dedicated professionals behind HEMOdata’s success:

Luke Cann

Luke Cann


18+ years experience in corporate IT Management, gained with some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including Walgreen Boots, American Express and Emirates.

Dustyn Smith

Dustyn Smith


15+ years in Business Development and leadership roles within large SAAS & Startup companies including Western Union , PGi , ON24, Education Perfect and ipaymy 

Join our journey as we redefine data’s potential

Success Story

HEMOdata have been instrumental in supporting our journey to define our data technology stack and strategy. We now have a lot more trust in our data, we have a well-structured tech stack that is used across business functions, and we have clear processes and procedures in place.

HEMOdata has supported Intigral with our NDMO compliance plan, customer data technology stack and our processes and procedures documentation. HEMOdata have been a pivotal extension of our team and will continue to support our journey.

Bill Sharp, VP Technology, Intigral

Frequently asked questions

What countries does HEMOdata serve?
HEMOdata mainly serves companies based in the Middle East, however we often support customers outside of this area where our customers request our services. 
Where is HEMOdata based?
HEMOdata is based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. 
Is HEMOdata part of DAMA?

HEMOdata has been the lead company bringing together a founding group, to work with DAMA International in setting up the local affiliate chapter DAMA-DXB. If you would like to join or be involved with DAMA-DXB please contact us.

How many customers does HEMOdata support?
HEMOdata is growing rapidly and supports upwards of 30+ customers across a range of our services, from data strategy consulting to product implementations and integrations. For more information on our data solutions check out the solutions and services pages.
I’d like to work at HEMOdata, how can I apply?
HEMOdata is growing and our success is down to our people. We are always on the lookout for skilled professionals with a positive and entrepreneurial drive. We need people who take initiative to identify and take ownership of solving customer challenges. If this is you then please follow us on linkedin and message us your details.
I need HEMOdata’s services, how can I contact you?
The HEMOdata team is ready to work with you on finding the right solution, contact us now.